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How Do You Know If It Is Time for a Divorce?

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By StraightDivorce Staff on 3/9/2008

Sad to say, but many people stay in a marriage far longer than they should. Yes, marriage is supposed to be for life, but in truth, not every marriage is a good one and life is short, so if your marriage is going nowhere and you’ve tried everything to make it work, it may be time to consider divorce.

What Holds People Back From Divorcing?

In most cases, the reasons people stay together when they know that the marriage is over, is simply because they’re afraid of being alone. They may have been together for a long time and can’t imagine what life would be like without the other person. Sometimes it’s just plain old fear and insecurity. We’ve been taught that once we marry, we’re supposed to stay in the marriage, regardless of how miserable we might be in the situation. Other times people stay in a marriage for the sake of the children, but here again, if the marriage is over, the children are going to grow up in a home where the parents don’t really love each other. Is that what we want to teach our children?

What To Consider When Thinking About Divorce

If you are thinking about divorce and are simply not sure what to do, there are some things to consider that might act as a gauge in determining whether it’s time to move on. As you start to observe your situation, pay attention to some of the signs that indicate it’s time to go. For example, if you have tried everything many times over to fix your marriage, yet nothing changes, it may be time for a divorce. If your relationship is no longer meeting your needs and the majority of time you feel discouraged and frustrated about your relationship it’s probably time to leave. If you don’t enjoy each other’s company and you prefer to do things without your partner, you should consider ending the marriage. If you feel that none of your true needs are being met and you find yourself constantly trying to explain yourself to your partner, but you don’t ever seem to be heard, it’s probably wise to consider divorce.

How to Know If It’s Time To Move On

After observing your marriage for quite a while, you still feel as if your partner acts in ways that are totally unacceptable and they are unwilling to make any changes or make an attempt at growth, you have come to the place where you know you have to broach the subject of divorce, but you’re terrified. Perhaps you and your partner no longer have any fun together or possibly, your physical attraction for each other is totally gone. Maybe you both realize that you are simply not compatible and you no longer share any dreams for the future. If you are experiencing any of these frustrations, it may be time to take a good hard look at your life and decide whether you want this marriage for the rest of your life.

How To Broach the Subject of Divorce

You have decided that it really is time to divorce. You’ve made up your mind that you’re going to do it but approaching your partner with your decision is probably going to be the hardest part. Most of us are not comfortable with ending things, even when we know it will be best in the long run. So, the way to broach the subject is to be open and honest about the way you feel. That doesn’t mean that you tell your partner that they’ve ruined your life and they’re at fault for everything. Rather, you take responsibility for your own feelings and begin by being truthful about yourself. Talk about the fact that you have different needs and try to show your partner that you will be happier on your own. Tell your partner, that you realize you’re not fulfilling his or her needs either and that it’s simply time to move on. If your partner doesn’t want the divorce, expect there to be resistance, but just remain firm in your decision and listen to your heart.

Get Advice From an Experienced Divorce Lawyer

Before making any final decisions, speaking with a good divorce attorney about your situation might be a good place to start. A divorce lawyer will openly discuss the various options regarding divorce. The divorce attorney won’t be able to tell you whether you should go or stay, but he or she will be able to offer you some suggestions or perhaps alternatives to divorce in addition to advising you as to how you can protect yourself in the event of a divorce. No one can decide whether or not divorce is right for you, as that has to be your decision. However, whichever way you choose to go, a divorce attorney will lead you in the right direction, offering valuable guidelines and protection for your particular situation.

About the Divorce Attorneys at Straight Divorce

When dealing with family law and divorce issues, a divorce attorney can help make the transition a little smoother. Making the divorce process as simple as possible, the divorce lawyers at Straight Divorce are available for consultation by filling out the free divorce case review or by calling us at 1 (877) 420-6657.

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